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We at Santa Barbara Seasoning have been barbecuing and spicing up foods for over 40 years. Our "Original Blend" gourmet recipe was the first that led the way for a distinctive kind of flavoring. While the "Original Blend" was being refined samples were given out to friends and family. Feedback was positive and all greatly appreciated. We never dreamed that our passion for fine foods would lead us to this one of a kind business venture.

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The label was designed to represent my native town of Santa Barbara, CA. The name Santa Barbara Seasoning was the obvious choice. After the "Original Blend" additional seasonings have been produced. The seasonings are uniquely made for a variety of foods such as beef, pork, poultry, fish, and vegetables. Each gourmet seasoning was intentionally blended for use as an universal dry rub and food seasoning.

At Santa Barbara Seasoning we consider our seasonings to be "Gourmet Class", with a wide variety of selections for every palate to enjoy. They contain natural ingredients, low sodium, no preservatives, no free flowing agents, and without MSG.

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