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Onion Blend

Onion Blend

Santa Barbara Seasoning’s Onion Blend will be the next “go-to” spice in your kitchen. From burgers and chicken to fish and veggies, this refined classic blend will liven up almost any recipe. Your neighbors will be jealous as the deep aroma of our Onion Blend smokes from your grill. Don’t worry, your secret ingredient is safe with us!

Santa Barbara Seasoning contains no MSG and is free of preservatives.

For a slightly saltier taste use on Beef, (hamburgers, Meatloaf, beef ribs, tri-tip & any other beef preference, grilled, baked) Pork, (chops, spare ribs, country style ribs grilled, baked, or pan seared) Poultry, (chicken, Cornish game hens, turkey, grilled, baked, or slow roasted) Fish, (grilled, baked or smoked).


Granulated onion, black pepper, paprika powder, kosher salt, & other spices

4 oz. Spice Jar

8 oz. Spice Jar

24 oz. Container

45 oz. Container

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