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RC's Choice

RC's Choice

Santa Barbara Seasoning’s RC’s Choice is sure to please the crowd at your weekend barbeque. A recipe passed down for generations, this peppery blend of garlic, salt, paprika, and oregano is a longstanding family favorite. Let RC’s Choice become a part of your family tradition.

Santa Barbara Seasoning contains no MSG and is free of preservatives.

For a slightly saltier taste use on all Beef, (hamburgers, Meatloaf, prime rib roast, beef ribs, tri-tip, steaks, grilled, baked, slow roasted or smoked) Pork, (chops, spare ribs, country style ribs grilled, baked, or pan seared) Poultry, (chicken, Cornish game hens, turkey, grilled, baked or smoked) & Seafood, (grilled, baked, or smoked).


Garlic powder, coarse black pepper, paprika powder, kosher salt, & other spices

4 oz. Spice Jar

8 oz. Spice Jar

24 oz. Container

45 oz. Container

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