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You know I love that stuff!

We use Santa Barbara Seasonings on all the meat we cook in my house. My favorite is the Original Blend which I use to barbecue tri-tip over charcoal. The ingredients in the Original Blend always impress company and make for the best tasting tri-tip. We love it! The Habanero Dulce is my new favorite over barbecued chicken. The sweet and spicy flavor are unique and add a real zing to otherwise boring chicken. I even use the seasonings in the kitchen. When Baking chicken, the Seafood Harvest adds a wonderful lemon flavor and seasons the chicken very well. We also spread the Original Blend or RC's Choice over vegetables before sauteing them or baking them.

"We don't even bother with other seasonings any longer." These are the BEST! Thanks Rudy, your recipes are incredible, you better keep them secret!

Guy Martin - Santa Barbara, CA.

"Rubbing it In"

I use Santa Barbara Seasoning on everything. I’m not kidding. Grilled veggies? Yep! Fish? Yep! In stews? Of course! It is excellent on grilled meats of all sorts. My favorite is the Original Blend, from Santa Barbara Seasoning for the all around rub.

If you want a real BBQ treat then you must try RC’s Choice. There is less salt but tons of flavor. It is absolutely fantastic. I’ve used the Seafood Harvest on Shrimp, whole fish and filets and loved it. It tastes so good that I even tried it on my BBQ’d Brined Turkey with Alder and Apple smoke with excellent results. I think it was the best I have ever cooked.

Dave Holmes - Santa Barbara, CA.

Cook'n with.....

“We’ve been cooking with Santa Barbara Seasoning for about 3 years and these are our “go-to” spices. Truly, we can’t go wrong when they are added to our food. We’ve tried them all and have different uses for each one. Once a week we’ll roast a chicken with the Seafood Harvest, and pair it with vegetables tossed and roasted in some olive oil and use the Original Blend seasoning. The Habanero Dulce works perfectly with Carne Asada! The subtle additions of the coffee and turbinado sugar in the Steakhouse Grill, nail the classic Steakhouse flavor.

We’ve even used the Original Blend and RC’s Choice to season homemade croutons. We seasoned the Thanks Giving turkey this year with the Original Blend, and it turned out spectacular.” We’ve resorted to buying in bulk because at our home it is used so often. “Great job Rudy!”

Michael & Michele - San Diego, CA.

A Family Favorite....

The seasonings at Santa Barbara Seasoning are our absolute favorites! The blends are truly special and delicious. We love using the Original Blend on chicken, pasta, vegetables and “popcorn.” One of our favorite dishes is diced roasted potatoes in olive oil with green onions and the Original Blend sprinkled on top. RC’s Choice gives our hamburgers the “wow” factor! It has intense flavor and smells wonderful. For a little kick, we use the sweet and spicy Habanero Dulce on tacos, shrimp, chicken, or beef, it just doesn’t matter what you use it on because it’s all so good! The flavor of the Steakhouse Grill is sooo rich. We absolutely love the sweet taste of the turbinado sugar and the smokiness of the Columbian coffee in this seasoning. All the Seasonings are great for Grilling!

We are incredibly pleased with Santa Barbara Seasoning, and so happy to have a piece of Rudy’s love while cooking in our own home. Thanks Rudy for sharing your special blends with all of us!

The Kartsimas Family - Traverse City, Michigan

Santa Barbara Seasoning is "Off the Chain"...

I use nothing but RC's Choice seasoning as the only go to rub for my smoked brisket. The flavor is incredible! I also like a little "Heat" on my grilled chicken, and the Habanero Dulce strikes the perfect balance. I’ve received so many compliments on my barbeques, that it made me a believer. Great job Santa Barbara Seasoning! Your products are "Off the Chain".....

Patrick M. Alexander - Hurst, Texas

Spreading the love!

"Take care of your friends who you love by sending a little Santa Barbara to them." Have a child off at college? Make their life in the kitchen a little easier with Rudy's help. Know someone who can't make it out to Santa problem. Send some Santa Barbara to them with a SBSeasoning sample package. When you run out it is simple to order on line...I love that!

They are sure to find several favorites in the group. Rudy has done the hard part...all you have to do is shake it on and stand back and wait for the compliments! Happy grilling! Thanks Rudy! :)

Madeline Bergerot - Santa Barbara, Ca.

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